North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Why you need building inspections Shepparton!

North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Why pre-auction building inspection is so important – EXPLAINED!

Whether you are investing in your dream home or selling your property to move into a new one, building inspections play a crucial role in deciding if the property is worthy of investment and if the future holds repair works for the property you are investing in.  

At North East Property inspections, we understand the need for being sure about the property you are investing in and that’s why our team of building inspectors spend hours in thoroughly inspecting the building in question. To ensure that you are getting the best out of your real estate investment, we also specialise in pre-auction building inspection and our pre-purchase property inspectors ensure to analyse every corner of the property before the final report is submitted for you to make a decision.

Why you need building inspections and what other services North East Property Inspections offer!

To prevent any major building damage that can happen

In the case of buildings, damage in a building will not show overnight. Rather it is a slow and progressive sequence of events that may start with a small crack and progress towards huge damages. Such damages often go unnoticed by occupants of the property and by the time they are detected, void for seepage, bacteria and fungi has been well created.

With building inspections, these minor cracks can be detected and further damage can be prevented by taking necessary precautions. Building inspections also highlight which area of the property is in need of urgent repair and renovation works. This way, you can plan ahead and fix those damages early on.

Save costs on building repairs

Building repairs costs can touch the sky especially when repairs or replacement of building elements is involved. There’s no way you can cut down on costs once the damage at hand is massive and it threatens the structures’ stability. Aside from that, repairing building damages is an investment of time and money. You will have to be careful about the resources you are putting in and the extent upto which the repairs should be made.

Complete building inspections strategically analysing the whole building in question to identify spots that need immediate attention and spots that will need attention in future. The focus is on early identification of problem areas and taking necessary steps to manage the damage. It is also advised to undertake pest inspections on your property to ensure that no pests are budding in your living space.

Give you an idea about services or inspections your house will need

With routine building inspections, only visual form of inspection is conducted by the inspector. Such inspecting doesn’t give an insight into how the building has been keeping up with the environmental changes around it and the degree of damage it has incurred internally. Under professional supervision of pre-purchase property inspectors, the building not only undergoes thorough damage analysis but also gets examined for fire safety, building and pest inspections, earthquake resistance and structural inspections. Furthermore, the pre-purchase property inspectors may even conduct other inspections that need to be done in order to ensure the property is in mint condition before you move in.

At North East Property Inspection, we conduct thorough routine inspections and are absolutely transparent with you about inspections that might need to be conducted in order to ensure your property isn’t damaged internally and if it will need any repair or replacement works. This is also a great way of knowing your home inside out.

Evaluate the value of your building and property

It is common for building owners to move out of their existing living space into new ones that can accommodate their growing life needs. Either you may choose to sell your property or rent it. In either case, it is your financial benefit. In order to ensure that you are putting out a valuable asset to the market, it is highly advised to have a professional pre-auction building inspection done along with building and pest inspections and building inspections Shepparton. With a professionally made building inspection report, you will not only be able to establish that your property is safe for residential occupancy but also is free from any damages that can show up any time in the future. 

A building maintenance inspection report is like the building’s medical file that has everything thoroughly analysed and listed so you can make sound decisions. When planning to rent or sell your building, consider having building inspections Shepparton, pre-auction building inspection and building and pest inspections Wodonga done. A professional building maintenance inspection report can escalate your property’s value and confidence people will have in it. 


With North East Property Inspection, only the most experienced pre-purchase property inspectors step into your living space to examine for damages, pest infestations like termites and rodents, fire safety standards, earthquake resistance and structural inspections. We also provide services for building and pest inspections Wodonga and building inspections North Melbourne along with professional building inspections Shepparton.