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Whether you are building your first investment property or a forever home, the expectation to have quality installations and expert workmanship are inevitable. While you are busy passing instructions, making building plans and aiming to bring ideas to reality, chances are there can be installations and workmanship that might not be how you might have envisioned. 

Avoid the risk and frustration of ending up with substandard workmanship with North East Property Inspections. Our team of experienced and trained pre-handover inspectors will carry out a pre-handover inspection on your property before you receive the keys.

Since we have no affiliation with builders, rest assured your pre-handover inspections will be absolutely unbiased and will be executed keeping your best interests at heart. This ensures that you receive an independent and unbiased opinion on the property. Our pre-handover inspections experts will identify and document all poor quality workmanship and installations, which must be rectified by the builder prior to settlement.

All of our pre-handover building inspections are carried out in compliance with Australian Standards 4349.0 (2007) and 4349.1 (2007). A thorough pre-handover inspections report is then generated that our expert will hand over to you. 


The Roof Exterior: Our team of experts will inspect the roof internally and externally to check the tiles, ridges, guttering and flashings. We’ll ensure these have all been fitted properly, are secure and adhere to Australian building standards and regulations.

Interior Pre-handover Inspections includes: Inside the living space, our team of inspectors will inspect the condition of the walls and doors, hinges and window frames, toilets and bathtubs, paintwork and plastering. We also tactfully inspect installations using advanced tools for accurate results. 

The Roof Internal: Our team of experts will check the roof cavity (the interiors) for any problems with insulation, framing and sarking. On the outside (the exteriors), we will inspect the home’s tiles, gutters, gutters, downpipes, vents, flues and eaves to evaluate the need for repairs and quality of workmanship.

Lighting, Fittings & Fixtures: We check that the kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances have been installed properly as per standard safety norms. Our experts will carefully analyse the internal plumbing system and ensure standard safety precautions have been followed for electrical installations. We ensure for safety and inspect if the connections are done the right way – with safety switches and fuse all in place.

Woodwork & Decorative Features: While inspecting your property inside out, our pre-handover inspections expert pay close attention to all woodwork and decorative feature installations to evaluate positioning, texture and overall alignment with other elements of your property. We thoroughly check any internal decor installation to ensure it’s all in 100% new condition.

Our pre-handover building inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1. A thorough and detailed pre-handover inspections report will be provided upon successful completion of the handover inspection. North East Property Inspection leaves no stone unturned to ensure that you are receiving accurate and detailed information.

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North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections
North East Property Inspections - Pre Handover Property Inspections
North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections
North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections
North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections
North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Why Pre Handover Property Inspections?

The benefits of pre-handover inspections are always going to be in your favour and are absolutely worth it. We also provide independent property inspections on demand. North East Property Inspection provides pre-handover inspection services in Albury/Barooga, Cobram, Craigieburn, Deniliquin, Echuca, Mulwala, Seymour, Shepparton/Mooroopna, South Morang, Wallan, Wangaratta, Whittlesea, Wodonga and Yarrawonga.

At North East Property Inspections, we Provide Exclusive And Highly Conclusive Pre Handover Inspections Within Your Budget.

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