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Termites can create havoc even before your home has actually taken shape. Not to mention, the damage caused by these pests is often extremely expensive or even irreparable! To add to your woes, these infestations are not obvious until it is too late to overcome the damage caused. 

A complete pest inspection of your property is often more than a mere necessity in order to ensure that you get a home that you can truly bank upon. As such, it is strongly recommended to go for expert termite inspection that gives you an affirmative thumbs-up to make a commitment to a new home. 

At North East Property Inspections, our pest control services aren’t simply limited to past and present timber pest infestations. Rather, we also make it a point to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report that highlights all possible risk factors associated with the property in question. 

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North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections
North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections


  • Inside the building for eradicating possible termite infestations from every nook and corner of your home including those tricky areas of your home which serve as the hub for the infestation
  • The exterior of the house often tends to be neglected as it’s technically out of the home. But more often than not, the exterior serves as the source of the termite infestation
  • Your roof isn’t always the most obvious part of the house when it comes to pest control but termites can get into the unseen corners of your roof
  • Timber present in the garage or carport is highly susceptible to damage by termites
  • A termite population can quietly bloom in any garden sheds without any clue
  • Retaining walls serve as an ideal place for termite colonies to invade and ruin the wall’s inherent structural integrity, thereby rendering it useless
  • Trees or stumps in the yard are a safe haven for termite nests. Problem is, these termites can easily find their way into your home
  • Steps act as a very common area for termites to eat away timber
  • Fencing, decking and patio beams require thorough termite inspection as damage to these can be an extremely costly affair
  • Damage to interior roofing by termites can lead to serious structural repercussions
  • A detailed termite inspection of underneath floors wherever necessary


Our timber pest inspections and other pest inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 (1998) and includes the use of industry-standard moisture detection equipment to meticulously inspect your property.

During Our Pre Sale Inspection, We Look At:

The Roof:  We thoroughly check the roof cavity (interior) for any problems with insulation, framing and sarking. On the outside (exteriors of the property), we inspect the home’s tiles, gutters, gutters, downpipes, vents, flues and eaves. 

The Floor: We thoroughly look under the floor to identify any framing issues, check stumps, posts, ventilation to ensure that there are no rising damp, surface water, dry rot or blocked vents.

Our Pre-sale building inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1 and is well documented in the pre-sale building inspection reports for your convenience.

Why Pest and Termite Inspections?

The benefits of pest termite inspections are always going to be in your favour and are absolutely worth it. We also provide independent property inspections on demand. North East Property Inspection provides pest and termite inspection services in Albury/Barooga, Cobram, Craigieburn, Deniliquin, Echuca, Mulwala, Seymour, Shepparton/Mooroopna, South Morang, Wallan, Wangaratta, Whittlesea, Wodonga and Yarrawonga.

At North East Property Inspections, We Provide Exclusive Pest & Termite Inspections Within Your Budget.

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