North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Did You Get Your Pre-Purchase Inspection Done Yet?

North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Knock! knock!

Who’s there?

Damaged property!!!

…and nobody likes that!

Damaged property is a bad dream, but buying one that is already damaged and paying full price for it is just a nightmare. Investing in real estate is undoubtedly expensive in the current economy. You don’t buy houses every day and when you do, you find yourself spending most, if not all of your savings on your dream house. 

It’s only natural to be concerned about taking the right decision.

What should you do? 

Get a pre-home inspection done before making a purchase from your realtor and enable yourself to get the best negotiation! Always opt for a pre-house inspection even if you are buying it for investment purposes.


After all, nobody likes to suffer losses. 

North East Property Inspections is dedicated to making each customer feel like a family. WE WORK FOR YOU as a part of your real estate team and believe in making the experience of buying a new house as relaxing as possible.

Quality service and a high level of professionalism are guaranteed with North East Building Inspections. We believe in the safety and security of our clients. Hence, we give in all of our efforts to make the inspection thorough. North East Property Inspections works in accordance with all Australian standards for property and pest inspections, thus ensuring a dependable report that leaves you feeling confident and well-informed.

Why should I be getting a Pre-purchase inspection?

If this question is bugging you, then there is a straightforward answer to this. WHY NOT!!! 

Pre-purchase inspections are a thorough visual inspection of a property, carried out by fully trained professionals. The professionals evaluate buildings and other components inside out, thereby providing you with all types of information with full details. It is never a loss to make an informed decision about your potential purchase, is it? 

With a detailed report, you will have a clear knowledge of all types of minor and major damages involved with the property. You can decide whether to buy the property in the first place or not and if you do, then what fixes are there to be made in and around the house before they turn into big accidents. 

Purchasing a property is a hefty decision and it’s only wise to conduct proper research before making the investment. With a pre-purchase inspection, professional inspectors will help you to make a decision based on the current budget, future time, and money. At a reasonable fee, you’ll have a detailed in-hand report of problems that might be missed otherwise.

Do you want more perky reasons to get a pre-purchase house inspection?

Here are the perks of getting pre-purchase Inspections for you

  • You know what you should be paying for. Get The Best Bargain! It is a general understanding that everyone wants a house that meets their needs at best with minimum expense. Never pay more than what you should. With our detailed pre-purchase home inspection report, you’ll be able to evaluate the best price for your new house and gain an advantage in the negotiation. Observe the report, evaluate the damages, and strike a bargain. As simple as that! ‘Spend-a- little to save-a-lot’.
  • We value your investment and wish to make sure that every penny spent is the Best Investment you make. Hence, We advise you get a pre-purchase house inspection for an all-round evaluation right from interiors, exteriors, and even pest infestation chances.
  • Make sure you are investing in a Healthy Property. With our detailed inspection report, you’ll know if the property will need any major or minor fixes down the track.
  • If any damage is found in or around the house then you may even get the seller’s repair cover with a comprehensive and detailed pre-purchase house inspection report. You can fix the damages with cover money and save a load on your pocket.
  • This one-time investment is a Value for life! You will have detailed knowledge of your property and its worth in the market. So if someday you decide to upgrade to a new house or resale your invested property then you’ll know at what value you can sell it for.


Pre-purchase inspections by North East Property Inspections are ‘value for money’. With us, you’ll be dealing with the most professional and experienced pre-purchase house inspectors who will give their undivided attention to your house and do a thorough checkup of your property. No stone will be left unturned by our experts. At the end of our inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report of your house inspection and our experts will be there with you to walk you through every property and report related doubt.

So are you ready to buy your dream house? Get thorough pre-purchase inspections for your property today!

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