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North East Property Inspections - Pre Purchase Property Inspections

Your search for ‘Property Inspection Service’ Ends at North East Property Inspections, Wangaratta.

Are you planning on buying a property?

Or have you recently bought one?

If your answer to either of the questions is ‘yes’, and you are looking for professionals to help you out with the inspection of your property, then we assure you that you have landed on the right page! 

North East Property Inspections is a property inspection company, ready to meet your all-round property inspection needs to the fullest. With our highly experienced and professional property inspectors, you can rest assured about getting the best independent property inspections at the most reasonable prices.

North East Property Inspections is fully equipped to provide you with the finest of their inspection services!

What do North East Property Inspections have to offer?

We understand how mind-numbing real estate related experiences can be. We, as a professional property inspection company are ready to make this experience seamless for you:

  1. Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections are the most important and must-have inspection for all the potential property buyers. Pre-Purchase Home Inspections allow you to test the waters and get a good idea of what you are getting yourself into. The safety of our clients is a must for us and hence, we don’t let anything miss our eyes. You can re-evaluate the value of the property based on minor damages and save yourself from a lot of expense. Or you can completely avoid it if we find any major damages that can be a big problem down the line. 

  1. Pre-Sale Inspections

Our top priority here is to get the best deal possible. Our detailed report enlists all the damages that need to be fixed. Once done, you can ask for the best price your property can get. The report helps both you and the buyer save some time and reinforces a sense of trust in the mind of the buyer that you are not trying to hide anything.

  1. Pre-Handover Inspections

We understand your value for money. The unprofessionally done work that you fully paid for can be really frustrating. But with our pre-handover inspections, you can rest assured about not getting conned by unhandy workmanship. 

We do a thorough checkup of all the work done in and around the property and approve them if and only they are in compliance with standards. Our clients deserve the best of the service and we make sure of that.

  1. Pre-Auction Inspections

Auctions are undoubtedly the best way of getting the best property offers. But at the pace of making the highest bid, it can become a gamble. You may end up getting the best deal of your life or becoming completely broke. But it’s not really a gamble if you know how to win.

Put yourself in the driving seat with pre-auction inspections. Get a detailed report down to the point on the house and make the smartest bid.

  1. Pest and Termite Inspections

Pests and Termites are pesky little creatures fully capable of causing huge troubles. The damages caused but they are not evident until it’s too late, hence causing fairly expensive and sometimes irreparable damage to the property. 

Although it is advisable to get pest and termite inspections done regularly you must get it done while making the sale or purchase of the property. You don’t want to end up buying a house with severe pest and termite infestation, neither do you want to sell a house in that condition because it will drastically reduce the net worth of your property. Make an informed decision with our inspection report which will not only give you a detailed status of your report but will also highlight all the risk factors associated with the property in question.

  1. Combined Building and Pest Inspection

Combined building and pest inspections are the most popular and in-demand service of North East Property Inspections. It is tremendously famous for obvious reasons-

  • You get an all-round inspection of your property leaving no room for error. All the aspects are inspected thoroughly and you receive a full health report of the property.
  • This combined deal comes at a considerably reduced price when compared to the charges of individual service in the market.

This is without a doubt the best ‘Value for Money Deal’.

Reasons why you should let professionals do the job

  1. We are trained and qualified for the job. These inspections require knowledge across multiple engineering disciplines such as civil, electrical, structural, and more. Unless you are trained in all of these disciplines, you should better leave it to an expert.
  2. Inspection services require special tools and being the inspection professionals, our experts are equipped with those.
  3. We have got the experience to do the job effectively and efficiently. The owner of North East Property Inspection, Dean Goodsell, alone has an experience of over 37 years in the building industry.
  4. You don’t have the time!  Inspection jobs can take anywhere between hours to days depending upon the area of the property and that too when done by a professional. You certainly don’t want to waste this much of your precious time.
  5. You do not want to miss on our well descriptive report. The report not only contains all-round data of your house but is also written in a way which is easy to understand by the builder.


North East Property Inspection is the most reliable property inspection company which provides the best independent property inspections and most economical property inspection service packages.